For the mass of readers who want nothing more than to be swept up in a super fast, thrilling ride with spies, counterintelligence agents, masterminds of science, and countries that rule everything from the world’s finances to industries across the board - THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU !

An F-16 falls from the sky as the pilot parachutes out and is saved…An F-16, with an Ace pilot at the helm mysteriously crashes in Oahu…A KGB officer is told to find the answer to a mysterious 1908 explosion in order to discover a special substance that the Kremlin wants before anyone else has a chance to get it… And all this in just the first two pages.

Professor Daphna Amram is a brilliant woman who has a slight obsession when it comes to King Solomon, and finding the location of anything that he left behind from his reign. When she is excavating and stumbles over the opening to an unexplored cave, she is beyond excited. However, she gets even more so when the samples she brings back to her lab show a very rare metal embedded in the sediment. The presence of this metal will open up a huge race between superpowers, as well as the ‘junior,’ Israel, as they struggle to find a way to get this rare-earth metal before it’s too late. Daphna’s husband, Avner, has his own long resume, and he becomes more than a bit interested with his wife’s discovery. He and his company soon land a contract to build a certain piece of technology that will be able to find these rare-earth metals in space - whether that be on asteroids, Mars, or anywhere else in the big dark solar system.

This is a very important project. After all, scientists have told the people in power, from the President to the Prime Minister, that rare-earth metals disappearing is not an issue to ignore; if they are lost completely, before no new source is found, industries would go bankrupt and the entire economic state of the world would basically fall apart. Unfortunately, as with a great deal of important matters, the scientists are ignored. Things change, of course, when agents and spies get involved, all doing their best, playing their greatest roles, using code words, and meeting up with people who may or may not be on their side, to steal technology and information. In this case, ignorance is no longer bliss.

The red herrings are many, as various characters from the CIA, FBI, Mossad and more, race against each other to be the first to discover a new source of these metals that would put their country in the driver’s seat when it came to wielding power. As Daphna and Avran work with friends, as well as others who may be more than a bit shady, to build a technological marvel that will locate these rare-earth metals, each and every country vies to
steal the data in order to claim success for themselves.

The oddest part? The source that must be found may be far closer than anyone thinks; and the realm of an ancient King may just be the link they need to find it.
Quill says: Fast-paced, exhilarating and extremely intelligent, there is not a moment of downtime in this incredible novel! 





From TIMNA to MARS: Searching for Rare Earth Metals
Avraham Y Anouchi
FOUR STARS (out of Five)

Anouchi truly puts the science back in science fiction with a wonderfully complex plot mixing political intrigue with scientific progress.
The best science fiction stretches the limits of the world we know to create a fantastic and realistic altered reality. In From TIMNA to MARS, Avraham Y Anouchi blends high-tech espionage with space exploration and Solomon-era archaeology for an intriguing and engaging reimagining of the boundaries of sci-fi.
In the late 1980s, leaked documents from China speculate on a hundred-fold increase in the price of rare earth minerals, spurring the Chinese government to invest billions to keep their dominant market share. If the speculation proves correct, it would mean economic turmoil for every industry worldwide, and a coup for China’s political and economic position. With rare earth minerals used in everything from computers to airplanes, establishing control of the remaining reserves draws the attention of the world’s most powerful players.
The discovery in Israel’s Timna Valley of the rare earth metal rhenium, hidden in mines dating to the era of King Solomon and never before seen in metallic form on Earth, kicks off a secretive race to develop and secure a detector of rare earth minerals to be used on Earth and in the pursuit of deep-space mining operations. Can this ancient archaeological site hold the secret to tracking space-age minerals?
The story balances the awe-inspiring subject of space exploration with the earthbound realities of international politics, contested contracts, and bureaucratic quagmires.

Overall, the level of detail creates a wonderfully complex plot, as if Umberto Eco turned his pen to science and political intrigue. Anouchi truly puts the science back in science fiction, even going so far as to include the periodic table on the book’s back cover. The result balances international politics and scientific exploration, like the Oval Office doing the tango with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and it is recommended for lovers of original and genre-bending stories.

Eric Anderson






The Road to Supremacy


From Timna to Mars offers readers rare insight into the geopolitical future of the blue planet and the workings of intelligence and counter-intelligence agencies in their struggles to bolster the place occupied in the world stage by the nation they represent. Thrills galore are woven into the fabric of this tale of spying and the preeminent position of economy and technology in international relations.


Archie Hooton


From Timna to Mars by Avraham Y. Anouchi is a thriller that involves the USA, Russia, Israel, China, NASA, CIA, FBI, and KGB-SVR. The relationships of all these factions create and amplify the complexity of the endeavors to find rare elements on Mars. The book spans 1987 to 2014 and keeps you booked every step of the way.

From Timna to Mars encompasses spies, rare elements, space missions, plane crashes, world economies and King Solomon. Archaeology, carbon dating and space missions are all woven into this thriller. Brilliant minds of the world work together and against each other to find rare elements on Mars. There is a wide spectrum of characters in this book to make it a page turner. Professor Avner Amram, an arcgaeologist and electronics expert, takes on the challenge of finding rare earth elements on Mars. The earth is fast depleting the rare elements it needs to survive. This endeavor proves to be a formula for nations competing to be the first. Therein lies the inclusion of spies and espionage to help each nation stay one step ahead of the others.

Daphna Amram (Avner's wife) is a carbon dating expert. She is fascinated and working diligently on carbon dating artifacts from the site of King Solomon's time in reign. You will be surprised at her involvement and the end result of her work. Gideon Amram (Avner's son) is a technical expert and professor. Gideon plays an important role throughout the book with the rare element aspect. From Timna to Mars keeps the reader captivated, not only with the rivalries and battles between the competing countries, but with family, life long friends and developing love. A very good read!!!






This book is classified under the mystery/suspense/thriller genres, which is certainly accurate - but to me it's more futuristic science fiction. Regardless of where you store it, it's a rare book indeed. Rare earth metals are disappearing at an alarming rate, and it's affecting everything in sight.

A new metal is discovered in Israel, and it could change the world as we know it. Both Professor Avram and a number of government organizations take an interest in uncovering these rare metals, and unexpectedly become involved in some danger and intrigue as a result.

There's a bit of underlying commentary here about our current use of the earth's resources and how dependent we are on technology, but it's subtle enough not to distract from the story. I was impressed with Anouchi's writing and his apparent research and knowledge on technology, military and government organization operations, all of which seemed accurate to me as a layperson. The book is quite exciting.